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Superdrol review – www.sciroxxonline.com

Discussion in 'Steroid Discussion' started by Sciroxx, Dec 31, 2020.
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  • Dec 31, 2020
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Check out this interesting review done by Mike Arnold on this unique item – https://www.sciroxxonline.com/domestic-steroids-gh-and-ancillaries/220-supercrin-40-superdrol-methyldrostanolone.htmlw

In preparing for my last arm-wrestling competition I decided to hit some injectable SD the last 4 weeks of prep (in combination with 300 mg of test/week). However, with this being only my 2nd time using injectable SD and using a different source (from this board), I wasn’t sure if my experience would be the same. Since there have been a lot of questions regarding the differences between oral and injectable administration, and now having used two different sources, I can confidently say that my experience was virtually identical.

For those who didn’t see my last thread on injectable SD, I’ll post my most recent experience here. With that said, I GREATLY prefer injectable SD to the oral version. It is both more effective and has a significantly reduced side effect profile—specifically as it pertains to how one feels (appetite, lethargy, etc.)

Much of the information presented below was done for the less educated guys, who are not aware of what this compound does. The more educated AAS users may want to skip over this commonly known information.

Cycle Length: 30 Days

Dosage: 24 mg/day

Injection Frequency: Twice daily, with 50% of the listed dose in the a.m. and 50% in the p.m.

Cosmetic Effects: SD is a dry compound, regardless of the route of administration employed. However, unlike other dry compounds, SD is an all-out mass gainer capable of producing extreme increases in muscle fullness. It’s the ONLY steroid I am aware of that is capable of producing such extreme intramuscular water retention without causing a simultaneous increase in subcutaneous water retention. With most of the more powerful mass gainers, you are going to notice a fair to large degree of subcutaneous water retention, but not with SD. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest difference between SD and other mass-building AAS. vascularity is through the roof, as well.

Perhaps the 2nd biggest difference between SD and other mass-building methylated AAS is that it is extremely mild in terms of cosmetic side effects. This is due to its inability to aromatize and extremely weak androgenic nature in multiple tissues. Many people, when attempting to assess a drug’s likelihood of causing androgenic side effects, look at its androgenic rating. This is a mistake, as androgenic ratings only assess androgenic potency in prostate tissue. It does not tell us how likely it is to adversely affect scalp tissue, vocal chords, skin, etc…and don’t think that having a weak androgenic effect in one area means it is more likely to have a weak androgenic effect in general. The truth is that a steroid can display weak androgenicity is one tissue and harsh androgenicity in another. Take Masteron, for instance. Masteron has an androgenic rating of only 40, yet it is known to be rather harsh on the hair line. The same is true for Winstrol. SD is the ONLY steroid currently in production capable of producing profound increases in muscle mass, while possessing a weak androgenic character in multiple, relevant tissues.

When it comes to estrogenic side effects, they are non-existent, as the drug does not aromatize to any degree. However, it is prone to causing rebound gyno, so you may need to watch out for that. It does not cause any sexual side effects, either in terms of dysfunction or libido, as long as testosterone is employed with it.

Potency (mass gains): I rate this stuff at the VERY TOP. In my opinion, nothing builds more lean tissue, more quickly, than SD. It is #1 in this area. Nothing will change your body more rapidly.

Potency (strength gains): Again, I rate SD at the top…for most. I say “for most”, as not everyone is going to respond to every steroid exactly the same. Still, after assessing the experiences of literally 100’s of athletes who have used the drug, the majority claimed that SD added more strength than any other steroid they have ever used.

Impact on Emotional Wellbeing: While SD does have the propensity for causing lethargy, the injectable version is much less prone to this…at least for most. I have read some accounts where people responded equally negatively to both forms of administration, but the majority have said that the injectable version produced less lethargy than the oral form. Overall, I still feel good on injectable SD. It doesn’t improve mood like some AAS are known to do, but at least it doesn’t destroy one’s mood like some other AAS (oral SD, for instance.

Impact on Hepatic Function: I didn’t get my liver values tested this time around, but in the past I have found that the injectable version seems to be a little (just a little) less stressful to the liver. Liver values don’t get as high and I feel much better. Still, injectable or not, SD is one of the more liver stressful steroids out there, so keeping your cycle length reasonable is a wise choice.

Impact on Blood Pressure: This varies from person to person, just as it does with all steroids. Personally, it doesn’t elevate my BP (maybe a few points at the most), but not everyone is as fortunate. Only personal experience can tell you how it will affect you in this area. If it does cause problems for you, there are a handful of safe and effective (both script and non-script) compounds that can help normalize BP. Use them.

Impact on Appetite and Digestion: . It’s the same with appetite. Personally, injectable SD causes very little appetite suppression—to the point where it is often unnoticeable. In contrast, oral SD causes a very dramatic decrease in appetite. With oral SD my appetite is already significantly blunted at one week in…and within 2 weeks it is shot. Injectable SD is much more forgiving in this regard. I consider his to be one of the biggest benefits of injectable SD over the oral version. After all, if you can’t eat, you can’t grow.

Overall, I had a great experience with this product. If any of you haven’t tried it, it’s one of those things you need to try at leats once. As always, I recommend that methylated AAS be used infrequently, but when trying to break through plateaus (size or strength) or maximize size/strength development, this is the best drug out there.

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