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Psoralea coryifolia

Discussion in 'Nutrition and Supplements' started by Zillagreybeard, Oct 05, 2022.
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  • Oct 05, 2022
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Psoralea coryifolia is an untapped resource for increasing cognitive function. It contains certain bioactive compounds like psoralidin, bakuchiol and ฮ” 3 ,2-hydroxybakuchiol which have been shown to possess serotonergic and dopaminergic activities, respectfully. This means that the seeds from this plant can act as a natural anti-depressant and mood enhancer, as well as increase focus and concentration. Serotonin and dopamine are monoamines that your brain produces when you โ€œfeel good,โ€ with dopamine being part of your bodyโ€™s reward system. Increasing dopamine and serotonin can have many positive effects on mood and can cause euphoria. I specifically hunted down a 10:1 extract of this botanical when formulating

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