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Pre Workout Carbs

Discussion in 'Nutrition and Supplements' started by Zillagreybeard, Aug 27, 2019.
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Many often preach the importance of carbs before training. However, these sermons are often based off of needs for endurance athletes; resistance training causes much less glycogen depletion. Therefore, carbohydrate availability is rarely a limiting factor in performance during resistance training workouts. If you train for over an hour at a time and notice that your energy levels drop off towards the end of your session, follow the recommendations on the graphic to help maintain training intensity throughout the entire session.

▪️ Source: Escobar, K. A., VanDusseldorp, T. A., & Kerksick, C. M. (2016). Carbohydrate intake and resistance-based exercise: are current recommendations reflective of actual need? British Journal of Nutrition, 116(12), 2053-2065.

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