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Oxytocin Therapy – For Better Orgasms.

Discussion in 'Female Fitness' started by Zillagreybeard, Dec 31, 2020.
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Oxytocin Therapy – For Better Orgasms, Ladies!!
Oxytocin and Oxytocin Therapy

Simply stated, Oxytocin allows a man and a woman to have stronger and more frequent orgasms. It helps bond a woman to her lover, and increases trust, and closeness. At the time of orgasm, oxytocin levels climb approximately 365%. Oxytocin is, ‘The smile hormone’. It improves all levels of sexuality.
When you give a hormone, the organ typically makes less of that hormone. With Oxytocin (considered a neurotransmitter), when you give Oxytocin the body makes more oxytocin (there is a surge effect in other tissues where Oxytocin is made, eg, in the retina, pituitary, ovary, testes, adrenals, prostate, and placenta).

Sexual drive is controlled by DHEA and is made by the adrenal glands. That is why being stress resilient is important because if your DHEA levels are low there will be minimal sex drive. Oxytocin controlsorgasmic function. The name Oxytocin means “quick birth”, and people generally learn about this substance during the course child birth in the delivery room.

Oxytocin controls the receptivity for sex and should produce an orgasm within an hour and multiple orgasms in three hours after Oxytocin therapy is given. If you give Oxytocin to your lover/wife, be sure not to leave her alone for the next few hours. Women will demand men’s services heavily after an injection. Men need to be available. Men may wish to take Viagra, Cialis, etc… during this time.

Oxytocin modulates pain coming from the body to the brain. It helps knockout the pain of fibromyalgia. An orgasm allows for a decrease in pain for several hours.Oxytocin helps to control peripheral circulation. If a person looks pasty white and has cold hands and feet and are cold all the time, they may also be, “cold in bed”, ie, have orgasmic dysfunction. In this case you may be dealing with Oxytocin deficiency or thyroid hormone deficiency.

Inositol, a B-vitamin, helps make Oxytocin. Oxytocin also increases milk ejection and also affects the muscles that increase orgasm for men and women. Melatonin above 5mg turns off Oxytocin production and sex drive. Melatonin is found in food, particularly slow-cooked oatmeal. Orgasm in men and women is under adrenergic control. Ejaculation as well as orgasm in both men and women is a sacral spinal reflex mediated primarily by adrenergic activity. The “average” orgasm lasts 22 seconds but can be as short as two seconds. There are people that have 3-4 minute orgasms and this is directly related to the concentration of oxytocin in the bloodstream. Oxytocin activates the GABA system of the body. Oxytocin can be given as in injection, in the form of a pill, capsule, vaginal suppository, or nasal spray.

Keep Pushing.

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