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Low Back Exercises

Discussion in 'Injury Recovery and Prevention' started by Zillagreybeard, Sep 10, 2019.
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Low back stretches just making your low back worse? Well this could be because for the time being your low back doesn’t like being rounded (flexed) as it is in many of these low back stretches. Let’s take your back into a more arched (extended) position with some exercises and help it go the direction it likes! It’s important to understand that flexion isn’t a “bad” thing, but can contribute to discomfort in acute situations and generally speaking we get enough rounding so let’s incorporate more arching into our day! Let’s mobilize and stabilize your low back with these!
1️⃣ Superman: on your stomach, raise both your arms and your legs. You may need to start with only the arms, or only the legs, and work up from there. This is going to activate your spine stabilizer muscles into this extended position.
2️⃣ Scorpion: on your stomach with your arms stretched out, kick one leg towards the other side of your body aiming for the opposite shoulder. You may need to start with smaller kicks and work your way up. This is great for mobilizing the back and activating it into extension.

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