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Discussion in 'Female Fitness' started by Zillagreybeard, Dec 29, 2021.
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LADIES, WANT TO LOSE FAT? BUMP UP THE PROTEIN – In a study by Dr. Bill Campbell, women were divided into two groups:

• One group added 250 calories to their diets from protein.

• One group dropped 300 calories from their diets from protein.

After 8 weeks, the group that increased their calories and protein intake lost 2 percent of their body fat. The lower-calorie, lower protein group lost almost no body fat, maybe 1 percent.

Did you catch that? Women lost MORE fat by eating 300 more calories if those extra calories came from protein and they were lifting.

“This study impacted my view on protein intake,” Dr. Campbell notes. “I used to think that if you increase calories, you’d gain fat. I still think this is generally true, but now I appreciate that if you increase your calories in the form of protein – and you’re resistance training – it’s possible to lose body fat.”

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