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Kratom is a natural plant species that grows in southeast Asia mostly. Kratom contains 4 main actives, with 7-hydroxymitragynine being the most active. It acts on your mu-opioid receptor, which can cause relaxation, and pain relief. Most Kratom contains less than 2% of 7-OH Mitragynine. There is a ton of research going on right now at the University of Florida to measure its safety and effectiveness. There are also many strains of kratom which contain different alkaloids which have different effects. Red vein, for example is more commonly used for pain relief vs green vein which seems to have more of a stimulant effect. @bigstrongfast made a great documentary called Leaf of Faith, where he interviews the head of the lab at UF, amongst others. I think there is a lot of medicinal potential for kratom, instead of the traditional pain management medications. Structurally, the alkaloids in kratom do not activate the β-arrestin pathway, which is responsible for most of the symptomology associated with opioid use (respiratory depression, sedation, constipation). This distinction is promising and offers a safer profile vs Rx pain meds. Research is still on-going, but I’ve been following this for a while and it is very fascinating stuff. If you scroll ➡️➡️ to the last picture, you’ll see that data was collect from Johns Hopkins(a top medical and research university). I have, as well as several of my close friends and family used kratom for relief of pain, anxiety and mood enhancement. I think the research is headed in the right direction! CAUTION: there are many reports that use of kratom everyday can be addicting, similar to Rx medications. #kratom#painrelief#natty#science

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