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Dbol only cycle

Discussion in 'Cycle Logs' started by Gnarly, Jul 06, 2019.
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  • Jul 06, 2019
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The cycle is a simple one, 5 weeks of dbolonly at 20/30/30/30/30 (so two 10mg dbol tabs a day for the first week, then three 10mg dbol tabs a day for the next four weeks) followed by 4 weeks of Nolvadex at 20/20/20/20 for PCT.


I am now 3 days into week two of my cycle and the following things have been noted.


1. In the first week I noticed minor headaches about an hour after taking the tabs, these have now gone away (though I do seem to have clogged sinuses since taking them, not sure if this is just coincidence or to do with the dbol)

2. I check my blood pressure every other day and it is perfectly normal

3. I have gained 3kg in weight (I was lean as hell to start with and am still lean can’t really “see” where the weight has come on, so I cannot say that this is water retention – though it could be *shrug*).

4. My appetite has increased big time, my stomach has that burny sensation constantly, begging for food and I am obliging.

5. In the gym, still have not noticed any real strength gains (yet), at least not big enough increases to discount simple mental pushing.

6. I can say I am getting great pumps (I stopped taking pre workout drinks and creatine two weeks prior to the cycle to know for sure that the dbol is creating the effects), arms feel solid and tight during workout and need good stretching


So far the effects have been extremely mild (and this could just be due to the low dose), but I am happy with the minor gain in weight so far (for such a short time) and am looking forward to the end of week two to see when the real dbol effects kick in. I have had no gyno sides whatsoever at this point.


It is now day 1 of week 3 and so far I have done, 20mg for the first week and 30mg for the second week. I still have not felt any extra strength at all. In fact to be honest I’m feeling a little weaker in the gym (probably because I’m not taking any creatine etc anymore while on cycle). By now I’m sure I should be feeling stronger! The weight I have gained is still sitting on 3kg gained (which has stayed the same over the past 4 days).


Given the above I have decided to up the dose to 40mg from hereon out. So the cycle will look like 20/30/40/40/40.

Day 3 of week 3


I am now finally starting to feel stronger in the gym, I have increased max bench press by 10% and able to complete more reps.


Previously my max bench press was 100kg at 8 reps, I am now able to bang out 100kg at 10 reps followed by 110kg at 8 reps.


So a marked increase.


Note to self: It seems 20mg and 30mg dose used in the first weeks was a waste of time, minimum dosage I recommend is 40mg, only since upping to 40mg have I felt a different in “strength” and not just pumps.

end of week 3 now (well at least in terms of training days), just got back from the gym…


With out a doubt I would recommend that 40mg is the absolute minimum dosage!


Those of you wanting to do 20mg/30mg don’t waste your time. As you can see in the journal I too was worried by the scary “larger dose” especially given how small I currently am and so wanted to take the lower doses for my first cycle.


My thinking was that all these ‘experienced guys’ saying you need 50mg min were saying that because for guys their size it would make sense, and I thought that would be overkill for a small guy on his first cycle, but THEY WERE RIGHT and I was wrong!


To recap, on 20mg I felt zip, nada, nothing… so I upped the dose to 30mg, still felt nothing in terms of strength (other than some pumps) and after two weeks there should have been strength gains!….


This week (week 3) I upped the dose to 40mg, and I think I just found my sweet spot!


Today was awesome at the gym, 10-15% strength increase over all exercises, endurance like you won’t believe (I just didn’t want to leave the gym!), found myself chucking in extra exercises just because I still wasn’t tired.


The pumps are insane but not to the point of causing pain (some people complain about back pump pain on dbol.. I’ve yet to have that – touch wood I dont!), but yea rock rock rock hard muscles and my veins pumped up like a nurses wet dream.


I guess I could get away with going up to 50mg for that real extra boost but I’m just going to stick at 40mg, this is exactly what I was looking for out of my first steroid cycle, good pumps and a plateau busting strength increase (not so hectic as to leave me in the lurch when I come off), I think 10-15% increase in strength on cycle is something I can realistically attempt to maintain (or get to very quickly) when I come off the cycle. Rather than suddenly going to 30-40% increase which is totally unrealistic in terms of maintaining after cycle and thus setting one self up for loss of gains pretty rapidly.


All in all, week three has been great. 40mg is the perfect balance (for me anyway)!

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  • Jul 07, 2019
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Good log.

Dbol only was common back in the day and it’s a fine cycle.

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  • Jul 07, 2019
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Do you think dropping the creatine 2 weeks prior to starting the dbol could have been the difference in not gaining much strength those first 2 weeks on dbol? I don’t take creatine anymore but when I did I noticed a decrease in strength after a few weeks.

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  • Jul 08, 2019
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Gnarly said:I have gained 3kg in weight (I was lean as hell to start with and am still lean can’t really “see” where the weight has come on, so I cannot say that this is water retention – though it could be *shrug*).

You made no mention of using an AI, and dianabol is known to aromatize like crazy.  Most if not all of this weight is water retention, and you should start using an AI eod or the estrogen sides will increase.

I am a huge fan of dianabol as a cycle kickstarter myself, and the sweet spot dosage for me is 40-50mg ed split through the day.  I do not advocate running it without a testosterone base though, because it is shutting you down and you will have less and less natural test as your cycle goes on.

Make sure you start running a full PCT protocol the day after your last dose of dianabol, or be prepared to lose the majority of the gains you make on this cycle.

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