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The Bulldog grip

Discussion in 'Training' started by Zillagreybeard, Feb 10, 2024.
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  • Feb 10, 2024
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The Bulldog grip is an essential grip-technique to learn, for those seeking to optimize their performance during the bench press.

Many individuals actually end up naturally adopting this grip as it feels more comfortable, while others may require some time to adjust. Regardless, experimenting with it is highly recommended thanks to its versatility and applicability to most, if not all, push-exercises, and its name (“Bulldog grip”) comes from the slight internal rotation of the hands, which resembles the paws of a bulldog.

The purpose of this grip is to position the barbell directly over the wrist joint, reducing the moment arm from the wrist to the barbell, which is often seen with a standard grip [which can make the bar less stable on the hands]. This alignment facilitates a more stable and efficient force transfer from the elbows upward, potentially resulting in a stronger bench press over time.

Notes: Initially, the Bulldog grip can feel awkward, and sometimes even painful (usually) when the barbell sits too low on the palm. Make sure it rests *above* the base of your palm, mid hand, and with consistent practice and training, it becomes more comfortable and effective to use.

Consider giving the Bulldog grip a try when gripping your bench, particularly if you are looking to maximize the force output of your bench press!

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