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Reset your SI Joint

Discussion in 'Injury Recovery and Prevention' started by Zillagreybeard, Aug 28, 2019.
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  • Aug 28, 2019
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Reset your own SI joint with this! You may even get a pop out of it too, even though we do not always need to pop this joint to find relief. So many people think they need to pop it back into “alignment” however alignment does not exist and we really just need to move and stabilize better through this joint. Now after doing these quick fix’s you need to take action and begin strengthening the muscles around the SI joint to get lasting results. Here is a quick way to accomplish both these tasks and better address that pesky SI joint!
1️⃣ SI Joint Reset: on your back, legs up, one hand under hamstring and one hand on quad. You are going to isometrically push into your hands and not let your arms or legs move. Push pretty hard for around 5 seconds, and then alternate sides. Do both sides 2 times.
2️⃣ Bird Dog: the bird dog is a great exercise for core stability and low back health, but even more for the SI joint because it directly strengthens muscles that surround the SI joints such as the glutes, erectors and other back muscles. Do this 10x each side.

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