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Missy Truscott Tore 2 Menisci & Her ACL at the 2023 Fitness Olympia

Discussion in 'Competitions and Events' started by Zillagreybeard, Nov 14, 2023.
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Missy Truscott Tore 2 Menisci & Her ACL at the 2023 Fitness Olympia

Two-time Fitness Olympia champion Missy Truscott was on track to win her third title at the 2023 Olympia. She won the physique round — the first of two scored rounds in the Fitness division; the other is the performance round — with a score of five on the scorecards. However, disaster struck during Truscott’s performance, as she tore not one but two menisci, as well as her ACL, during the event. On Nov. 11, 2023, Truscott took to her YouTube channel to give an update on her injury. Check it out below:

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Missy Truscott’s Current Leg Injuries
At the time of the video recording, Truscott admitted to enduring a lot of pain in her left knee and also in her left quadriceps. She feared that she may have torn her quad in addition to the annihilation of her knee. Truscott’s MRI results revealed that she has a torn menisci on the outside and inside of her knee and a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Fortunately, her quad is fully intact, which Truscott was delighted about.

Truscott’s surgeon is confident Truscott can make a full recovery; her prehab is already scheduled, with surgery and post-op rehab on the horizon. The recovery process is expected to take several months. Truscott expressed excitement for her eventual return to the bodybuilding stage. She shared her gratitude for the support she has received from the female bodybuilding community and the people who helped her when she sustained her injury on stage in Orlando, FL.


In addition to her injury update, Truscott took a moment to call out the 2021 Fitness Olympia champion Whitney Jones’ choice of using a shark prop during Jones’ fitness routine. Truscott called the prop, which was presumably intended to represent Truscott, as “petty” and “beneath a champion.” Jones threw a shark prop off a pole during her routine; Truscott felt that was a deliberate shot at Truscott, revealing a rivalry between the two Olympia champions that Truscott expressed not realizing existed prior to Jones’ performance.

Despite the new potential rivalry between Truscott and Jones, the former intends to make a full return to the Olympia stage once her injury heels:

Mark my words: I’ll be back.
Truscott was delighted with the growth she’s seen in female bodybuilding, particularly in the Fitness division, during the 2023 Olympia weekend. Recovering from as severe of a knee injury as Truscott sustained will be challenging. Still, Truscott has a lifetime qualification to the Fitness Olympia as a past champion. She will not need to win an IFBB Pro League show to earn her spot at whichever Olympia she stakes as her return show.

Featured image: @ifbbmissytruscott on Instagram

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