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Mid Foot Mobility

Discussion in 'Injury Recovery and Prevention' started by Zillagreybeard, Sep 19, 2019.
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Limited dorsiflexion / stiff feet but you’ve already tried ankle mobility drills? Try mid-foot mobility drills! Proper movement throughout the mid-foot affects our perceived ankle mobility, so this is a key area to check. Additionally, by having the fingers between the toes, you are stretching out all the intrinsic muscles of the foot to allow better awareness and toe spreading.
1️⃣ Get the fingers low between the toes and start with ankle circles to get the ankle warmed up.
2️⃣ Grab your foot right in front of your ankle to focus the movement in the mid-foot. Now, wring out the towel by twisting your hands in opposite directions.
3️⃣ Grab your heel and perform the same motion to get adequate heel movement as well.

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