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Exercises to Target your core.

Discussion in 'Training' started by Zillagreybeard, Jan 19, 2023.
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  • Jan 19, 2023
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Exercises to Target your core.

Here are 6 great exercises that you can include in your routine, to specifically target and strengthen your core muscles, important for sports that require very fast changes of direction & more.

I’ve put them in order of difficulty (at least in my opinion) so if you’re new to “core stuff” start with the first ones and progress to the latest as you get stronger! ⁣

1) Hyperextensions: great for the erectors, but also for the glutes. To perform it, adjust the lower leg brace so that you feel comfortable, with the pads against the thighs. When you’re ready, begin the exercise by lowering the torso and then extending it, coming back down to full flexion. Full range of motion will vary from person to person. ⁣work with what feels comfortable and don’t be scared to experiment!

2) KB Goblet Squats: Holding the kettlebell in front of your shoulders when squatting will require a lot of stability & engagement of the core muscles. Simply grab two KBs you can comfortably hold on your shoulders and start squatting! ⁣

3) Dead Bug Variation: Definitely one of my favorite exercises for the core. You want to grab a DB, starting with both your arms & legs (bent at 90 degrees) up, while keeping the pelvis posteriorly tilted. As you perform reps, both arms and legs go down: arms reach on the opposing side of leg that’s coming down, then come back up.⁣

So for example: If I go down on my right side with my arms, I’ll extend my left leg down & vice versa.⁣

4) Plank variation: this starts like a normal front plank but becomes more difficult because you want to lift one side at a time, alternating them! ⁣

5) the Ab whee roll out: this one is probably very famous already, and probably doesn’t need text asides from the one contained in the slide. ⁣

6) Lastly, the “stir the pot” exercise: this one is very difficult, especially if you don’t do it kneeling. You “basically” draw circles on a ball with your elbows, trying to maintain body stability during the execution. It’s a fun.. but excruciating exercise that you should try out! Haha

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