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Big meaty traps?

Discussion in 'Training' started by Zillagreybeard, Nov 28, 2022.
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  • Nov 28, 2022
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Big meaty traps? We need to focus on loading exercises that load scapular elevation and/or upward rotation.

Yes, this means picking exercises like shrugs, in order to target this portion of the muscle effectively.

The traps are divided into 3 “main parts” where the middle and lower ones will benefit more from horizontal pulling, while the upper part will likely benefit more from a vertical one. Of course various muscles will contribute to producing force synergistically during these movements, just like in any exercise.

For Upper Traps specifically though, focusing on scapular elevation, priortzing vertical shrug movements (even over head) will work great.

Perhaps, if it’s really a part of your body that is lacking behind and that you want to grow, then what you want to do is: give it priority early in your workout, and prioritize their progression over other muscles’ in case you cannot progress on all movements at the same time (usually the case for more advanced lifters).

Overall, exercises will remain the same basic stuff that everybody has been doing in for ever. The key here is to actully *do* the work and progress as you would on other lifts, by monitoring important training variables like Volume, Frequency and Intensity.

Pay attention to your ROM, and work your traps through a full range of motion, yes, especially if that means lowering the weights. You can always go up from there!

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