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Androsterone is a naturally occurring androgen, similar in structure to DHT, only differing in the position of the 3-hydroxy group is alpha(below the ring) vs the normal beta(above the ring) and a keto group on carbon 17(essentially it’s the DHT version of DHEA) . Bc of this, androsterone is a relatively weak androgen, approximately 1/7th the strength of testosterone. Interestingly though, back in the 1960s scientists noticed that it was the only androgen that can actually lower total cholesterol, where almost all androgens increases total cholesterol and LDL. The effect was so dramatic that it was compared to the lipid lowering effects of thyroid hormones. In a study that used the branded version Atromid, total cholesterol levels had lowered by 20% in just 24hr in subjects that were given the drug. After a week, levels had lowered 50%, and even triglycerides were dramatically lowered. Researchers established that the mechanism of action was that androsterone acted like a thyroid mimetic. It was widely used to treat high cholesterol until big pharma companies lobbied to get it replaced with newer(with more side effects) drugs. Remember, androsterone is very cheap to make and these new drugs were patentable so more money could be made. However, the newer drugs work differently by inhibiting cholesterol synthesis, which will in turn lower androgen production. Androsterone was administered via IM injection at 50mg daily. Orally, it should have the same thyromimetic effect but the dose will be higher. It would be interesting to see if concurrent dosing of androsterone and other androgens can help prevent the CVD risks.

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