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3 Muscle Mistakes

Discussion in 'Training' started by Zillagreybeard, Jun 17, 2021.
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  • Jun 17, 2021
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3 Muscle Mistakes

Building muscle takes consistency and patience. But what if you have been putting in the work for a long time and are noticing little progress? Swipe left to learn about 3 common muscle growth mistakes that I see in my practice as a personal trainer.

The first mistake is training for “muscle confusion”. If muscle growth is the goal, consistency in your compound lifts is beneficial. There’s interesting research showing that the progress you make on an exercise that is new to you is mostly because of skill learning and neuromuscular adaptations [1]. An exercise only becomes effective for muscle growth once you have mastered the movement. Just think about the first time you did a barbell bench. It probably was quite unstable because the movement was new to you. Once you felt more comfortable in the exercise, that’s when you were able to more effectively engage your chest and progressively overload the movement. So as a general rule of thumb, keep your main compound movements constant for at least 8-10 weeks.

The 2nd mistake is training for fatigue or to get a sweat. If we look at what actually allows for muscle growth to happen, it’s progressive overload. Imposing greater demands on your muscle over time makes your muscles adapt by growing bigger and stronger. So the goal shouldn’t necessarily be to feel tired or sweat a lot during your workouts, but it should be to challenge your muscles to lift more weight or do more repetitions over time. But it’s worth emphasizing that progressive overload is about improving your performance in the gym while keeping your lifting technique the same.

The 3rd mistake is nutrition-related and that is being in a calorie deficit for too long. We know a calorie deficit is needed for fat loss [2]. But a calorie deficit is not a destination. Eventually, you want to transition out of a calorie deficit and eat more to properly fuel your body. This is why I like to maintain the 1:2 ratio with most of my clients that are looking to build muscle. spend at least 2 months at maintenance or in a lean bulk.

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